Thursday, 29 September 2011

Jeffrey Campbell heels

The other day I was brought a pair of Jeffrey Campbell heels and ever since then I have been talking about them were ever I go. They are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn, and as my feet cant handle really high heels that have no support, these ones tick every box. The high top around the ankle really helps with supporting my balance also the massive chunky platform makes me ten times higher in height and also takes height off of the heel at the same time!

All I can say is that I recommend these heels to everyone and they were £120! I love my Jeffrey's.

Topshop Unique LFW

Topshop's latest LFW show is going to be remembered for a long time. Their Unique show was themed on Urban Egyptian, this consisted of golden flacks in the models hair stuck on with melted honey! The show was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in the iconic Cleopatra film of 1963, the look of the catwalk definitely made the old Eurostar terminal feel like a Egyptian walk way.

The models hair was most defiantly a big highlight of the show. The look of cracked gold representing old ancient goddess's coming back to life.

As expected Topshop Unique had the coolest girls sitting front row, including Julia Restoin-Roitfeld in that marabou-trim dress and check out Bip Ling in our Dalmatian print blouse. Also you cant miss that statement bob and big sunglasses, It can only be Anna Wintour. 

You can buy Julia Restoin-Roitfeld's and Bip Ling's amazing outfits online and instore at  Topshop Unique.

Topshop Unique for LFW

Topshop Unique for London Fashion Week 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

London Fashion Weekend. 24/09/11

Yesterday I travelled to London to join London Fashion Weekend. I loved every second of it and didn't want it to end. The catwalk was amazing and so professional, the clothes were to die for!

The colours were so bright and eye catching. I remember seeing these glittery heels that were so unique.

This designer was so unique, they have designed items for Lady Gaga. I absolutely loved the boxed style dresses.

 The finale of the Catwalk.

This is me and Lisa outside the catwalk.

I absolutely love the goodie bag. The Aztec print is so on trend!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

London Fashion Weekend!

I am so excited about going to London Fashion Weekend! This is like the place to go for all fashion lovers. Just looking through the old photos of Fashion week, why can't time go faster!?

Also you get a cute goodie bag full of fashionie things!! I love a goodie bag :)


College Jewellery brief

For my new brief at college I have to design and create pieces of jewellery made from recycled materials. I created these collages to show the differences between Topshops jewellery and H&Ms.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

John Galliano S/S 04. Egyptian Fashion

I have just come across these inspirational photos from John Galliano's Christian Dior haute couture: S/S 04 Paris Fashion Week show! These amazing Egyptian goddess's carefully walked leaning back, all the way down the catwalk to music such as Walk like an Egyptian, You've got the love and Baby Boy. These amazing, unique collections are the ones that will be remembered for a long time.

College I-D magazine final pieces

I am currently a fashion promotion student. I enjoy talking and learning about fashion so much! For my latest brief I had to design a photoshoot for fashion magazine I-D. This was my favorite brief so far, my theme was evil goddess because this was around the time Lady GaGa and Katy Perry had their alien music videos out and I also thought that doing this theme would relate to the trend at that time.
I wanted to show how someone as a split personality and turns from good to evil.

This is the front cover I created for I-D magazine, I tried to copy the real front covers right down to the last detail. By doing this it looks like a real I-D magazine cover.

Alexis Bittar Look Book 2012

I have just found an amazing website called every fashion lover has got to have a look on it! I was having a little browse when I came across these incredible Look Book images from Alexis Bittar.

I am a massive fan of collages so when I found these I nearly fainted! If you really like these then have a little look on the website to find more hidden gems!!

Very first post!

So this is my very first post on my brand new fashion blog! i hope that everyone on it will enjoy all of my fashion posts and tips :)