Monday, 31 October 2011

TrendEditor Has Gone All Spooky!

TrendEditor is going all scary with these Halloween images from fashion website WGSN. These amazingly spooky photos show that even though it is Halloween you can celebrate the season in style. All of these images are called Bleach London Halloween look, and they all featured long nails and crazy hair do's. Vivienne Westwood would be proud!

All images are from the WGSN website

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pixels Everywhere!

A fashion store in Harajuku has definitely been pixelated, even the furniture had turned square. There are rubix-cube heels, pixel dresses and square prints everywhere. By looking at these images its like being stuck in a retro Mario game.

All of these images are from StyleBubble

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David Parfitt Bubble Photography

British still life photographer David Parfitt has had a whole 20 years worth of experience in shooting fashion and beauty images. These amazing bubble series are so beautiful and almost look unreal, being able to see the detail and light of the bubbles creates a whole new world of shapes and colours. The bubbles could be also be mistaken for jewellery, I feel that by looking at the very first image it could easily be a necklace. As David has used this type of effect it gives the images and bubbles depth and never ending detail.

All of these images are from the TrendLand website

Friday, 28 October 2011

Balmain S/S 2012

As the new 25-year-old designer, Olivier Rousteing stepped into the shoes of Christophe Decarnin (due to a sudden departure) and had to become the new creative director of the 66-year-old fashion brand Balmain. All eyes where on the young protégé to see what he had to offer.

All of the Balmain  and Olivier fans were extremely happy with the outcome that the young designer showed. He gave the very old brand a new edge and renewed it for the best. I personally love everything about the collection, I feel that it represents a very fashionable and on-trend woman. I am sure that Christophe Decarnin was very pleased with the outcome and so are we.

All of these images are from the TrendLand website

James Meakin Fashion Photography

These amazing fashion images are from fashion photographer James Meakin. James use of colour and texture really shows up in his images, mixing the two together gives the images intense colour and style. James backgrounds are also a major roll in the images, all of his backgrounds are amazingly represented and almost futuristic. A lot of his background remind me and could be influenced by fantasy, Wonderland themes.

I love to just look at the different themes and styles all in one package.

All of the images are from the TrendLand website

Fove's Jewellery Art

These amazing images found on much loved fashion website TrendLand are from Fove's designer Frederica Prock. Frederica purposely uses materials that have not become popular or are obvious to jewellery designers. She combines real, rough materials with hard metals such as steel, copper, brass and aluminum.

More than just pieces of jewellery they are also art. Materials like metal play with light and colour, and by adding the natural touch using rope creates a nice balance between heavy sharp edges and a life like feel. I absolutely love what Frederica has done to create such amazing pieces of art and jewellery. Not just the pieces being mind blowing the presentation of them is so simple but extremely effective. The sharp black eye brows and white painted body almost gives the images a futuristic, alien appearance.

All images are from the TrendLand website