Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gareth Pugh. Paris September 29/ 10

Gareth Pugh's hard edge designs are normally partnered with straight cuts and hard edges. Pugh's Spring collection was a move toward something softer, though equally bewitching. Flowing shapes were cut from a nylon printed fabric, as well as aluminum to give an extraordinary two-way mirror effect. Hints of rubber neoprene added a snaky futurism to the clothes. Pugh pulled off a feat of cutting in tunics he called "modular,"this was a piece of clothing with the same front and back. And, keen as Gareth was to avoid the typical sci-fi tag that has been continually attached to his clothes, you can still see glimpses of silver and metal that clung to the body thirty-first-century armor. Gareth also had a sci-fi unique 11- minute video made for the catwalk by the much loved Ruth Hogben. Ruth has designed many videos for Pugh all being unique and one of a kind. This video showed a growing cube which featured the same print as the bags from the catwalk. Hogben definitely finshed off the catwalk, with everyone asking the same question 'why a cube'?

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