Friday, 23 December 2011

Noumenon S/S 12 Tridulum Collection

I love these images so much!! I think that their inspirational and amazing. The colours and textures shown are intense, just look...

Friday, 9 December 2011

Urban Egypt Collection

So, for my final piece in my latest college brief I had to design and create jewellery. I really enjoyed researching into influential designers such as Gareth Pugh and Hussein Chalayan. I especially found Gareth Pughs S/S 12 collection to be a huge inspiration, I loved the all of the pieces of clothing made from those tiny gold squares, I developed this design idea later on. My final pieces were all themed on Egypt and Urban culture, I chose this because whilst looking into fashion shows predicting 2012 trends I found that the most popular trend predicted was gold and black.

I designed my pieces around the colours gold and black, and whilst designing I thought that by using the theme of Egypt for my jewellery would be a nice and effective touch. Instead of just copying Egyptian jewellery I chose to mix together Urban and Egypt, I wanted to create a fashionable piece of jewellery which fitted with the urban culture.

I decided to name each piece of my jewellery after an Egyptian item and belief, by doing this I thought that it would give the pieces a more professional feel and look about them. The necklace is named after the Egyptian Postiches which only the Pharaohs used to wear. This was the gold metal cover that they used to place over their beards. I wanted to bring this amazing and well-known piece of Egyptian history to the current trends and show it though jewellery. The gold metal beard is worn by only the Pharaohs as it represents Sovereignty, this means power and authority. The necklace is also shaped as the Postiches, using the long rectangle shape worn high on the collar bone represents the ancient object but with an Urban twist. The necklace is called Sovereignty.

After the necklace comes the ear cuff, the main inspiration for the ear cuff came from an Egyptian god who was worshipped by many. Most Egyptians believed that he controlled the sun and was also associated with the dung beetle, this beetle highly represents Egypt. This god went by the name of Khepri and was always drawn featuring a whole beetles body for his head. I wanted the ear cuff to be themed around a beetles shell or body, I feel that beetles are always linked with Egypt. I designed the cuff to look like a shell, that is why I have created a round pointy shape with the gold squares finishing over the edge of the cuff. The ear cuff is called Khepri for this reason.

Last but not least is the ring, I have produced a ring that was influenced by an ancient pyramid called The Step Pyramid of Djoser. This pyramid has a clear slant upwards almost like steps leading up. That is why my ring is layered because I wanted to use the shape of this amazing pyramid to create an Urban ring. The ring is called Djoser.

All of the pieces I designed were all hand made by me out of recycled materials. I used gold mosaic squares, string, cuffs, rings and earrings. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my final jewellery pieces and I may have to wear them out a couple of times! This brief has been carried out into the promotional side of my jewellery this includes, Branding my jewellery, Packaging, Promotion, Posters, Press releases and so on. I am half way though this brief and will post all of my promotional work when I have finished everything. All I will say at the moment is that my jewellery brand is called Urban History and this collection is called Urban Egypt!
Keep posted to find out more!!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

TrendEditors lastest buys

Ahhhh, it feels so nice to be back posting and blogging after such a stressful time working. I have missed chatting away about the latest crazy fashion shoot I have found or just talking about my latest buys. To cut long story short I have been so busy with college work and sorting out my Uni place, it hasn't been fun let's just say that! But now I can tell you that I'm feeling a lot more relaxed with things and I will be back to posting lots of weird fashiony finds.

So yesterday I went to the new Westfileds in Stratford, I was actually quite excited because I have heard a lot about it. When me and my friend first got there at about 11ish it wasn't that busy, but as soon as we found Topshop (and people that know me well knows that I can look around Topshop for easily over 2 hours) we were in there for so long that when we walked out it was absolute mayhem! It was becoming a bit of an effort constantly walking in and out of people were ever you went. We soon escaped to the much loved TGI Fridays for some lunch and a fruity cocktail or two, the only thing was that after we ate and drank so much we were really tired! It was a really fun day though and I would recommend that anybody who hasn't been there yet to go because it is quite fun in a crazy packed out way.

In the 3 hours that we were in Topshop for I brought this amazing retro jacket that I fell in love with as soon as I locked eyes on it. I also brought a gold chain bracelet and you know those fake ear stretchers you can buy, I brought one of them that looked like a unicorn horn, I was so excited when I was buying all of these things... eeeek their so nice!

Jacket (Topshop) £48, Necklace (Topshop) £12, Black Shirt (New Look) £14, Ring (Topshop) £5

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Sorry it has been too long!

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted anything in such a long time! I have been so busy with college, I have had to sort out all of the UCAS work and also complete two briefs. I will post as much as I can over the Christmas holidays, when everything has calmed down a bit I'll get back posting :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Alexandra Bellissimo Human & Nature Collages

Alexandra Bellissimo, born and raised in Los Angeles has always been motivated in the creation towards unique imagery. Her body of work strongly revolves around the theory of "making" pictures instead of simpley "taking them". She often mixes collaging techniques with her work, as well as digital manipulation. The themes of Bellissimo's photographs are influenced through her observations of social and psychological issues in our culture.

All images are from the TrendLand website

Plastic Fantastic by Tomaas

For my latest College brief I had to design and create recycled jewellery pieces. Whilst searching for inspiration I came across these amazing images by New York based fashion photographer Thomass. This gorgeous shot 'Plastic Fantastic' is a series of crafts and outfits made from bottles, straws, bags and many disposable plastic props.

All images are from the TrendLand website


Monday, 31 October 2011

TrendEditor Has Gone All Spooky!

TrendEditor is going all scary with these Halloween images from fashion website WGSN. These amazingly spooky photos show that even though it is Halloween you can celebrate the season in style. All of these images are called Bleach London Halloween look, and they all featured long nails and crazy hair do's. Vivienne Westwood would be proud!

All images are from the WGSN website

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pixels Everywhere!

A fashion store in Harajuku has definitely been pixelated, even the furniture had turned square. There are rubix-cube heels, pixel dresses and square prints everywhere. By looking at these images its like being stuck in a retro Mario game.

All of these images are from StyleBubble