Sunday, 4 December 2011

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Ahhhh, it feels so nice to be back posting and blogging after such a stressful time working. I have missed chatting away about the latest crazy fashion shoot I have found or just talking about my latest buys. To cut long story short I have been so busy with college work and sorting out my Uni place, it hasn't been fun let's just say that! But now I can tell you that I'm feeling a lot more relaxed with things and I will be back to posting lots of weird fashiony finds.

So yesterday I went to the new Westfileds in Stratford, I was actually quite excited because I have heard a lot about it. When me and my friend first got there at about 11ish it wasn't that busy, but as soon as we found Topshop (and people that know me well knows that I can look around Topshop for easily over 2 hours) we were in there for so long that when we walked out it was absolute mayhem! It was becoming a bit of an effort constantly walking in and out of people were ever you went. We soon escaped to the much loved TGI Fridays for some lunch and a fruity cocktail or two, the only thing was that after we ate and drank so much we were really tired! It was a really fun day though and I would recommend that anybody who hasn't been there yet to go because it is quite fun in a crazy packed out way.

In the 3 hours that we were in Topshop for I brought this amazing retro jacket that I fell in love with as soon as I locked eyes on it. I also brought a gold chain bracelet and you know those fake ear stretchers you can buy, I brought one of them that looked like a unicorn horn, I was so excited when I was buying all of these things... eeeek their so nice!

Jacket (Topshop) £48, Necklace (Topshop) £12, Black Shirt (New Look) £14, Ring (Topshop) £5

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