Monday, 30 April 2012

Ina Jang in Jalouse

>>Ina Jang is a photographer that I have only just come across. These images are the first pieces of work that I have seen of hers, and I love every one of them. She doesn't just take photos, she allows use to see what she likes and what she dislikes about them. The Brooklyn- based photographer takes to every image with a pair of scissors, snipping away and playing with a few elements of the photo. She says "I started it because I was struggling to make images at the time"- featured in Time Lightbox. "I was forcing myself to like everything-from the people I worked with to locations where I was shooting, so I started getting rid of elements I didn't like in the picture".

I have fallen in love with Ina's statement images, everything from the colours to the simple little cuts and snips of each picture. This 13-page series is full of pastels, trends, accessories and Ina's trademark cutting edge. Now when I see a pair of scissors I'll be thinking of Ina's masterpieces.

All of the images used were found on TrendLand

Donna Wilson x Lazy Oaf

>>Graphics based brand, Lazy Oaf, has recently launched a collab collection with London designer Donna Wilson. Wilson is known for her quirky, kid like illustrations and handmade little Monsters and Magpies.

These extremely cute illustrated plates and egg cups will let you have a dinner to remember! Everybody will be offering to do the washing up using the illustrated tea towels. Also all of the designs have been hand made and painted by lovingly in Stoke on Trent, so when your eating your baked beans on toast remember that your plate is 100% unique!!

Might go and make a dippy egg and soldiers now..

All images are from the Lazy Oaf blog

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Step into Prada's Universe

>>Prada has revamped their look by creating these extremely retro, cute tic-toc animations. The Parallel Universes GIF collection are the result of the labels most recent collaboration with Armenian-born, Paris based artist Vahram Muratyan. Parallel Universes GIFS focuses on the retro side of Prada's latest spring/ summer 2012 collection, with this first eye-catching seven-part series.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Fashion Animal

>>These amazingly cute photographs by Paul Graves for "World of Hermes" would make anyone smile. Graves put his still life photography skills to the test by creating detailed animals out of leather Hermes bags. The pink cow (or I see it as a pink pig) below certainly made me smile and the white swan is just perfection!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Celebrating 40 Years of Mulberry

>>Mulberry has always been one of those great British brands that I have admired. Since 1971 Mulberry has impressed many with their trade mark Bayswater  leather bags and their statement Fashion Week collections. 

When I found out that my favourite British designer brand is launching a book to celebrate 40 years of Mulberry (I know 40 years!!!) my fashion brain nearly exploded with excitement. I have spotted some sneak peak images from the book and my god they are simply amazing. The book isn't based around Mulberry's past, but shows us a glimpse into their life's, a fly-on-the-wall look into Mulberry's amazing fashion journey from the past two years of the brands life.

This book just has to be in my collection of fashion books, I have always had a big connection to books. Being able to turn each page and to look deep into every image makes me feel closer to the designer and their thoughts.

You can have Mulberry's first ever book for £55!!

These images are from the Mulberry site

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Where The Wild Things Are

>>I have always had a soft spot for British brand Mulberry. My love for them has grown even more (if that is possible) since the release of their latest A/W 12 collection, inspired by none other than the old children's book 'Where The Wild Things Are'.

As I already know one of the most exciting parts about Mulberry collections is seeing the amazing masterpieces being the invites. This year those of you lucky enough to be sent a giant gold key in the mail were invited to unlock Mulberry's A/W 12 collection. The collection featured big gorilla coats, chunky knits and the classic Mulberry leather bag. Keeping in with the forest animals theme, all of the models hair was tree bark brown. This complimented the brown long fur coats perfectly.

The big furry Mulberry fashion giant was popping up everywhere during London Fashion Week in February. Another matter which took the Mulberry world by storm was the sudden release of The Del Rey, inspired by hot new American singer Lana Del Rey. The Del Rey is designed to be a modern, but classic interpretation of Lana's signature glamour and mystique.

By looking back at Mulberry's A/W 12 collection there is only one thing left for me to say. I wish I could pull off that long gorilla coat!

Images from

Images from the Mulberry blog