Monday, 30 April 2012

Ina Jang in Jalouse

>>Ina Jang is a photographer that I have only just come across. These images are the first pieces of work that I have seen of hers, and I love every one of them. She doesn't just take photos, she allows use to see what she likes and what she dislikes about them. The Brooklyn- based photographer takes to every image with a pair of scissors, snipping away and playing with a few elements of the photo. She says "I started it because I was struggling to make images at the time"- featured in Time Lightbox. "I was forcing myself to like everything-from the people I worked with to locations where I was shooting, so I started getting rid of elements I didn't like in the picture".

I have fallen in love with Ina's statement images, everything from the colours to the simple little cuts and snips of each picture. This 13-page series is full of pastels, trends, accessories and Ina's trademark cutting edge. Now when I see a pair of scissors I'll be thinking of Ina's masterpieces.

All of the images used were found on TrendLand

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