Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Celebrating 40 Years of Mulberry

>>Mulberry has always been one of those great British brands that I have admired. Since 1971 Mulberry has impressed many with their trade mark Bayswater  leather bags and their statement Fashion Week collections. 

When I found out that my favourite British designer brand is launching a book to celebrate 40 years of Mulberry (I know 40 years!!!) my fashion brain nearly exploded with excitement. I have spotted some sneak peak images from the book and my god they are simply amazing. The book isn't based around Mulberry's past, but shows us a glimpse into their life's, a fly-on-the-wall look into Mulberry's amazing fashion journey from the past two years of the brands life.

This book just has to be in my collection of fashion books, I have always had a big connection to books. Being able to turn each page and to look deep into every image makes me feel closer to the designer and their thoughts.

You can have Mulberry's first ever book for £55!!

These images are from the Mulberry site

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