Sunday, 2 October 2011

The Wonderful Mind Of Gareth Pugh

Whilst on the subject of Gareth Pugh I thought that I would also mention another amazing show of his that springs to mind when I hear his name. Pughs S/S 07 catwalk show was most definitely unique. Firstly the catwalk floor was covered in a waving sheet of fabric, and secondly his clothing had statement lines and cuts unlike the human body, So not only did the models have to be moulded into their clothing but they also had to tackle the waving floor of fabric in heels!

The cotton-covered runway inflated into a unsettling river, and out stepped a latex-masked creature in humongous Lucite platforms and a full-skirted checkerboard dress. Gareth has distorted the human body completely, the massive cube arms and latex masked eyes becomes quite creepy after awhile. I reminds me of some sort of fashion freak show, seeing the distorted models walk up and down while we stare at their amazingly strange bodies.

Gareth Pugh

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