Saturday, 1 October 2011

Eye See You

The new style of mixing jewellery and objects has become very popular, but Delfina Delettrez does it on a whole new level. These amazing images are from her latest collection presentation 'Love is in the hair'. It makes looking and researching about jewellery so interesting and fresh, instead of seeing the obvious model wearing the latest designer watch, why not put it on a wig? But not any old wig, wigs created by opera wig maestros in Rome to be exact ranging from goddess's to punk and even pop icons. Delettrez' eye is still everywhere, watching you from rings and pendants, but originally the idea came from encasing locks of hair, an old fashioned token of love that has developed into this crazy installation that did not fail to make everyone smile. Marie Claire's Taylor Tomasi-Hill, who was at the presentation said - "You'd have to be a very boring person to NOT like this!" and i think everyone would agree to that statement.

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