Wednesday, 27 June 2012


>>Admit it, no one likes to go shopping, spot the perfect dress and then find that they haven't got your size or standing in miles upon miles of queue's. If you had the choice between going through the stresses of shopping instore or sitting at home with a cuppa and your laptop on calmly clicking through the pages of tops and dresses, I know the one I would choose! So, when I was approached by new online shopping store Mallzee I was very excited. is a brand new online shopping experience which makes shopping online more sociable and fun. The main reason Mallzee stands out and is unique from the many other online stores is that each user can create individual shopping malls full of their favourite brands. They can share their fashion finds with their friends on Facebook and Twitter and here's the best bit, you can gain great deals and discounts for your friends along the way!

It doesn't end there! The user who built the Mallzee gets paid each time their friends buy anything via it!! The website isn't set to launch until later this year but don't let that get to you. Sign up on now to receive an exclusive invite for the site launch later this year! I've done mine already.

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